Some tricks to get free gems clash of clans

Are you active gamers? Clash of clans will be the challenging game that you can play in your android or phone. In this kind of game, you should run the strategy for getting the gold. Then, the gold is played to get the elixir. Then, you have to set the dark elixir also. From time to time, this game is always updated by the developers. The recent update is 2014. In that updating, the players will get free coin, gold, dark elixir, and elixir. Getting those game items is very easy if you know the tricks. Here, we will give you some tricks, which you may get for getting the free gems clash of clans. Therefore, you just have to follow what we are going to deliver here for being the winner of this game.

clash of clans

clash of clans

The first thing that you have to do is connecting your android or phone to the server. Then, you have to enter the ID. After getting the starting page, you have to decide the number of coins, gold, and elixir that you desire. Then, start paying this home. For getting the free gems clash of clans, you have to know first about how to save the germ. Before spending the coin, you have to think in detail. You might get the suggestion to purchase the building in the short time. However, consider it in detail. If you are failed purchasing that, your coins will be easily lost.

Another strategy for getting the free gems clash of clans is by making the balance for defence. It is allowed if you want to focus in defense. However, make sure that you have built wall, hall, and mortals.  They are the items for doing the defense. After you have created the building, you have to manage the sourches. Make sure that the resources will be enough for getting the other free gems clash of clans.  You may place the opt outside the all. However, you have to make sure that the placement will not make you lost the game easily.

Is that complicated? If you are new player, you might be very confused in playing this game. However, after playing several times, it will be easy for you to get the free gems clash of clans. That is why; we suggest you to take the tutorial first before starting. Make sure that the strategy is created. Then, the tutorial will guide you to build the wall, hall, and get the coins. Now, you have to download this game for playing this challenge.

Okay, those are some tricks that you may get for playing the game. The free gems clash of clans will be udpated later with more cons and gold. Therefore, you have to get it soon and play this game. Well, hopefully it will be the important information for you to be the winner of this game. The free gems clash of clans will make you win this game if you can set the good strategy for building and defense.

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